Fushimi-Inari-Jinja, Inari

We went in the company of three Taiwanese our friends at Fushimi-InariJinja.


Just take a shuttle bus to Kyoto station or a train, and that’s in less than twenty minutes you get to Fushimi-Inari sanctuary.

Despite being very famous entrance and free, in Japan almost nothing andfree, maybe, but just maybe, this is due to the fact that this isa Shinto shrine, which is the national cult.

Established first around the Eight century and then expanded, Fushimi Inari Jinjia is magnificent example of Japanese tradition, is dissociated from that of the traditional cults that have gone on to mix with some of the characteristics of modern Japanese pop culture.

The path to the top of the mountain flanked by Tori. The Bulls are sort of door’ in red wood. Inside this monastery and every Tori was donated by a benefactor (this would explain the free entry ) among them, hastily throwing the eye, we found: Sapporo Beer and other brands renowned areas.


Tori corridors along the path to the top of the mountain of the sanctuary of Fushimiinarijinjia

The monks of the Fushimi-Inari Jinjaare surrounded by a special aura that gives him a mixture of mysticism and military deportment, express themselves with their rigid rituals and the garments with the Japanese spirit.

History and particularity ‘of the sanctuary
It was once dedicated to the deity of rice and sake.


In some of the little temple on the way is possible to find bands of grain hanging from the top of their entrances.

With the passage of time these gods have been associated with other capacityas also to protect the commercial activities.

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