St Basil’s Cathedral & the Role of the Holy Fools in Russia

Located in the Eastern side of Red Square (Moscow, Russia) St. Basil's Cathedral is a great example of russian architecture during the 16th century. Composed by six chapels and one bell tower, it was designed by Postnik Yakolev in 1561 commisioned by Ivan the Terrible ( CHECK) to celebrate the succefsul victory over the Mongol … Continue reading St Basil’s Cathedral & the Role of the Holy Fools in Russia

Christmas in Anhui (Hefei)

This year we ended 2013 by celebrating together with the kids of two schools near Hefei, Anhui Province. Our friends from Happy Class are creating in cooperation with local schools some extra courses on 2-3 months base to each school to support the childrens in rural schools. Happy Class is a NGO completely self-organized where all … Continue reading Christmas in Anhui (Hefei)

The soul of Mongolian horseman – documentary-

This is the documentary about Omba, an old Mongolian women, choose by UNESCO to transmit the principles of a traditional instrument Morin Khuur to four kids. Morin Khuur reflects the deep relation between man and horses in the Mongolian steppes daily life. The instrument its composed by wood and horse hairs, used to make the … Continue reading The soul of Mongolian horseman – documentary-

Longmen Buddhas – Luoyang –

Longmen Grottos are between one the finest and wellpreserved symbols of the buddhist heritrage in China. Located on in the North-East area of Henan Province, in Luoyang city, the grottos are a testimoniance of the highest expression of setlement of Buddhism in the region since the capital of Northen Wei moved to Luoyang from Datong … Continue reading Longmen Buddhas – Luoyang –