Longmen Buddhas – Luoyang –

Longmen Grottos are between one the finest and wellpreserved symbols of the buddhist heritrage in China.


Located on in the North-East area of Henan Province, in Luoyang city, the grottos are a testimoniance of the highest expression of setlement of Buddhism in the region since the capital of Northen Wei moved to Luoyang from Datong during the late fifth century, and blossomed at the time of Sui (518-618 ) and Tang Dinasty (618-907).

The Longmen Grottoes, located on bothsides of the Yi River to the south of the ancient capital of Luoyang, Henan province, comprise more than 2,300 caves and niches carved into the steep limestone cliffs over a 1km long stretch. These contain almost 110,000 Buddhist stone statues, more than 60 stupas and 2,800 inscriptions carved on steles. {from http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1003 }

The are its still well preserved but the late process to preserve the grottes had lead to many years of robberies.

A Chinese friend was explaining that to many generations of Luoyan population was quite normal to visit the grottos by themself, riding the bicycle and having a look around.


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