Christmas in Anhui (Hefei)

This year we ended 2013 by celebrating together with the kids of two schools near Hefei, Anhui Province.

Our friends from Happy Class are creating in cooperation with local schools some extra courses on 2-3 months base to each school to support the childrens in rural schools. Happy Class is a NGO completely self-organized where all the costs and the instruments utilized by the participants are brought by themselves.

Happy class

The life for the kids in the Chinese rural area it’s really healty and simple comparing with the kids from the megalopolis nearby. They are really energic, not spoiled at all and really curios.

The aim of the project is to provide some hours of entertainment to those schools that has high rate Migrant Workers between their parents.  The daily life of this kids is mostly based on the one of their grandparents, because their parents are usually able to gather with their families mostly during Chinese national holidays.

The first day its usually dedicated to our class to the kids, while the second one its entirely organized by the kids to teach us about their daily life.