The Music Lesson

The Music Lesson,

A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music

The Music Lesson Wooten

Amazing book by Victor Wooten.

Key points:

  • Fun!
  • Visionary;
  • Even if you don’t see any single note in the book, it actually helps to improve your perception of doing music.
  • Useful for work too. With my colleagues, as a leader, I started more and more to use words like “I SHOW YOU” instead of “I TEACH U”.

For more information about the book I invite you to check on the official web site The Music Lesson.


Despite from the title, that might sound a bit a cliche, the book is just a successful compromise between technique and philosophy, but also a very practical example on how achieve our targets in the music as well as in life.

Simple and friendly to be read, Wooten found a successful way to make of the basic notions of music been part of a interesting story. The plot is fun and it really put the reader in the shoes of the main character, Victor.

Wooten creates this universe where the Victor, who is living the normal life of a musician stacked in the middle of his career (Victor is not sure if taking his career to the next step and at the same time is quite unhappy of his slow improvements on playing the bass), is suddenly exposed to extraordinary figures and events. The people that Victor is meeting thanks to his Indian-Newage-skateboard rider music guru, Michael, are just incredible themselves.

Michael is the crazy and talented friend that everyone would like to have in this life. He can talk to animals, despite his aspect Michael is a very talented person, capable to communicate to everyone and most of it… he doesn’t play any instrument, he plays the music!

The story proceed as follows:

Everything starts with is the crazy encounter between Victor and Michael, who claim himself Victor’s guru, and set some steps (or measures) on his journey to the music.

There are 12 measures to improve the music, to every measure follow a practical example:

    1. the Groove;
    2. Notes;
    3. Articulation/duration;
    4. Technique;
    5. Duration/Feel;
    6. Dynamics;
    7. Rithm/Tempo;
    8. Tone
    9. Phrasing;
    10. Space/Rest;
    11. Listening;
    12. The Dream?

The rest of the story has to be read! but here some good food for thoughts.

Useful points:

From the music point of view the biggest lesson I learn is that between the 12 notes we can play, 7 of them are “good” notes and 5 “bad notes”. By this point of view, we have more 50% of the chances to get the correct one when we do grooving.

As a daily life point of view, that nothing can be achieved without practice and that nobody can teach anything to others… just shows them.

A story worth to be read.

Things in Common with the Author, Victor Wooten

Victor Wooten

Musician, Songwriter and Author, Victor Lemonte Wooten (11 Sept. 1964), is one of the greatest buss players of the last decades. Nominated by Rolling Stones as one of the 10  best bass players in 2011, Wooten has been nominated also “Bass Player of the Year” by the magazine Bass Player for three times in a row.

Surely the biggest influence he received in his early years comes from his own family. The youngest of five brothers, when he become old enough to hold an instrument he joined the family band, The Wootens.

He collaborated with very famous artists to different projects, and his portfolio spaces from Jazz to Funk, even to Rap music. In his past the band Béla Fleck and the Flecktones and collaborations with the Tuvan khoomei singer Kongar-ol Ondar.

To have even a more clear idea about the Wooten thoughts is possible to check an recent interview published by Innerviews.

He his now giving many seminaries on music, as possible to see from his website:

Here a couple of video:

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