Tianyige Library – Ningbo

Oldest Library of China, Tianyige (The Sky Pavillion), is one of the main attraction of Ningbo.

Tianyige Library

Tianyige Library

Founded in 1951 by the ex-minister of war Fan Qin 范钦 (1506-1585) at the time of Ming Dinasty (1368-1644). Fan Qin ritired by the civil work he decided to open Tianyige library.

Map of Tianyige Library Today

Map of Tianyige Library Today

Initially the library was named Dongming Cottage, but right before resigning from his position, Fan Qin had already acquired a copious quantity of textbooks, therefore he decided to create a new library buidling. Fan Qin chose the name of this new building basing on the taoist Book of Changes (易经注), “天一生水……地六承之”, an aspiciuos wa of saying to protect the building from fires. The whole construcition infact has been designed to have water available to dismiss fires (very common in ancient times) and to protect the books. Along the years of history of the library many intellectuals and poets come to visit Tianyige. Colonialism, tiefs and revolution had altered the original colleciton, but during the 1950s many intellectual donated numerous volumes to the library. For more information is possible to visit the Official Website of Tianyige Library.

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