Conversation in front of a plate of dumplings – in Hong Kong


Dumplings in Hongkong Every day travellers and curious wanders around the small irregular street in Hong Kong center, near RD., is more common to find foreign restaurants and other typical food from other parts of Mainland China then Hong Kong local food.


I enter in one of the many dumpling restaurants of the city and I find a relaxing atmosphere. The owner finds me a seat to be share with a girl.


The restaurant seems having many choices, especially different tastes of dumplings. I go for the taste of the day, pork and pumpkins.


Vanessa, the hongkongese gils seat in front of me, is quite friendly and seems quite smart.

She explains me friendly that,: ” I work in the wine industry, we organize wine tasting classes and my customers are mostly foreigners”.

  • “Years ago I was working for a Swiss Business & Consultant company. At that time the Chinese wine importers were asking us just two questions about wine, ‘Which color you have’ and ‘how much you can produce’”.

  • “Yes, actually Chinese are like this still now. I could take an empty bottle of FAMOUS VINE, fill it with bad one and charge the customers with the same price. They would never tell that the wine was bad”

-“Are you a sommelier?”

-“No, I have a master in Finance. But I work for this Australian wine firm”.


Our conversation keeps, on her initiative, on one of the foreigners’ favorite topics, the Mainland Chinese and the cultural gap compared to Hongkongeses.


  • “So you feel different from Mainland Chinese?”

  • “yes, we have different way of thinking. Especially the new generations are very materialistic”.

  • “Perhaps in few years will be better… your family they think about it?”

  • “My parents are from Mainland China, in Guangdong Province. They speak this dialect which is not even Cantonese”.

  • “Oh, so your parents came in HongKong and you grew up here”.

  • “Yes, but I also been in Europe and Australia for studies, etc.”


I’m very happy that I had this chance to talk for a few minutes with Vanessa.

Everything she told me it’s a good reminder that everything changes based on our prospective e.

For Mainland Chinese almost all the Asians should be part of China for different reasons. They are very serious about this topic, but Vanessa represents the contradiction of the modern society, where a open education can shape new meanings to the word Origin.


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