Blue house – Hong Kong

Not far from the old British Post-office of Wan Chai (now Environmental Protection Dept.) , over a hill in the direction of a temple a blu building catches ones the attention.

Blue House (蓝楼)is an historical building in Wan Chai district(灣仔), Hong-Kong.

At it’s ground floor  is possible to visit a small hall called “Hong Kong House of Stories” (香港故事館) which provides cultural and educational programs.


Hong-Kong House of Stories is a now all concentrate into one room waiting another part of Blue House to be renovated.  I

In this hall visitors find tools of everyday life in Old Hong-Kong, such as old style-chairs, magazines, washing tools, old furnishing and tapes.

Very close to the adjacent buildings Yellow House (1928) and Orange House (1958), together the 3 of them have become the symbols the lost local history of the old part of Wan Chai.

All the 3 buildings have been included in a program called “Good Neighbor Scheme” (好邻居计划).

Built in 1922, Blue House over the decades has been used for several functions. Lane house at first, as hospital during World War II, then again as typical 4 families house, then a  clinic of a renowned Chinese chiropractic traditional medicine.

Today the building is still preserving his wooden structure in the inside, while from the outside is easily recognizable by its emblematic blue walls and white verandas once used by locals to escape from heat and humidity are still intact.


Thanks to “Good Neighbor Scheme” program applicants are assigned to specific building so they can maintain alive local lifestyles and habits.

The story of Blue House is still controversial. In the past local government discussed whether to destroy or not the building but the neighborhood opposed to it, helping in preserving the local culture.

Since then the Blue House has been managed by 9 volunteers which are organizing guided tours for young people and school students.

In 2006 they started interviewing elders to preserve the old memories of the city and to convey knowledge to future generations.

Many local artist are donating small art-craft to be sold to visitors to help sustain the costs of the House of Stories.

In a Far East-Asia the story of Blue House is bringing hope to the keep alive local culture. Un fortunately other old buildings in Hollywood Road will be destroyed this 2017.

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