Bunker-42 ~ Moscow

Just a few years ago the main entrance of Bunker 42 on Kotelnicheskiy 5th lane in Moscow could have been easily confused for a common building from the end of 18th century. Instead, under its foundations it's hided a long-range air force command-post of Strategic Nuclear Forces of Soviet Union. Today it's a museum dedicated … Continue reading Bunker-42 ~ Moscow

Kongar-ool Ondar

My wife told me while I'm writing this article that she hasn't heard that many songs by Kongar-ool Ondar in a day since her childhood in Tuva. Kongar-ool Borisovich Ondar (Ондар Коңгар-оол Борис оглу,  in Russian/Tuvan, 4 December 1962 - 25 July 2013) was an influential Tuvan musician of the 20th century and one of … Continue reading Kongar-ool Ondar

fistful of promises

Up to today there's no yet a wide bibliography about Republic of Tuva in English. The main information available are mostly related to "Tuva Or Bust" by Ralph Leighton (1991), "In Siberia" by Colin Thubron (1999) and few other readings on Khoomei throat singing. Fistful of Promises offers an image of the Republic of Tuva … Continue reading fistful of promises

Tsukurukai – 新しい歴史教科書をつくる会

This article aims to offer an impartial vision to recent and old facts as a recap on open questions between China and Japan looking back to past events just impartially. After World War II there have been many tensions between People Republic of China and Japan. First we need to consider that what is world … Continue reading Tsukurukai – 新しい歴史教科書をつくる会

Two weeks in Xinjiang – Urumqi & Kashgar

Lucky enough to have a business trip in Urumqi, i took the opportunity to spend 2 weeks in Xinjiang. 4 days in Urumqi, 4 days in Kasghar and 4 around Turfan. My initial idea was to rent a car for 8 days but it turned out too expensive, so after my staying in Urumqi I … Continue reading Two weeks in Xinjiang – Urumqi & Kashgar

Tianyige Library – Ningbo

Oldest Library of China, Tianyige (The Sky Pavillion), is one of the main attraction of Ningbo. Founded in 1951 by the ex-minister of war Fan Qin 范钦 (1506-1585) at the time of Ming Dinasty (1368-1644). Fan Qin ritired by the civil work he decided to open Tianyige library. Initially the library was named Dongming Cottage, … Continue reading Tianyige Library – Ningbo

News Sources from China in the 19th and 20th Century – first part-

This is a project I followed back at the time of my Master Degree in Italy with two my classmates Valentina and Laura. At the time the study was more focus on journalism, one of the topic I was most passionate of at that time together with Chinese and Modern histories. The Chinese Journals The … Continue reading News Sources from China in the 19th and 20th Century – first part-

The Music Lesson

The Music Lesson, A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music Amazing book by Victor Wooten. Key points: Fun! Visionary; Even if you don't see any single note in the book, it actually helps to improve your perception of doing music. Useful for work too. With my colleagues, as a leader, I started more and more to use … Continue reading The Music Lesson

Labrang Monastery

Labrang  monastery is one of the most interesting location in China. In Xiahe city, Amdo area, Gangsu province, has per centuries been the center of Tibetan Buddhism and one of the doors to China Muslims provinces. In 2008 has been location for some protests. Here the Chinese version of the facts from kind concession of … Continue reading Labrang Monastery