Tsukurukai – 新しい歴史教科書をつくる会

This article aims to offer an impartial vision to recent and old facts as a recap on open questions between China and Japan looking back to past events just impartially. After World War II there have been many tensions between People Republic of China and Japan. First we need to consider that what is world … Continue reading Tsukurukai – 新しい歴史教科書をつくる会

Blue house – Hong Kong

Not far from the old British Post-office of Wan Chai (now Environmental Protection Dept.) , over a hill in the direction of a temple a blu building catches ones the attention. Blue House (蓝楼)is an historical building in Wan Chai district(灣仔), Hong-Kong. At it's ground floor  is possible to visit a small hall called "Hong Kong House … Continue reading Blue house – Hong Kong

Bezeklik Caves, Xinjiang

I've been very excited to visit the ancient Buddhist caves of Bezeklik in 2015. Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves (柏孜克里千佛洞, Bǎi zī kè lǐ qiān fú dòng) are located in Xinjiang Autonomous Region (新疆维吾尔自治区, Xīnjiāng wéiwú'ěr zìzhìqū,شىنجاڭ ئۇيغۇر  ئاپتونوم رايونى ) to the north of the Taklamakan desert, around 50 kms East of Turpan (吐鲁番,Tǔlǔfān, تورپان) … Continue reading Bezeklik Caves, Xinjiang

Conversation in front of a plate of dumplings – in Hong Kong

   Every day travellers and curious wanders around the small irregular street in Hong Kong center, near RD., is more common to find foreign restaurants and other typical food from other parts of Mainland China then Hong Kong local food.   I enter in one of the many dumpling restaurants of the city and I … Continue reading Conversation in front of a plate of dumplings – in Hong Kong

The powerful Soviet Iron and Steel Heavy Industry – Liberation Armies Illustrated

Newspapers, magazines and any other political sources of the Revolutionary China in the 1950's were less politically interested on emphasizing the role of the political leaders and the achievements of the party, but instead they have a more practical and educational message for the population to build the socialist society. Very simply, this articles have a core … Continue reading The powerful Soviet Iron and Steel Heavy Industry – Liberation Armies Illustrated

Gulangyu Island – Xiamen –

Gulangyu Island is a small island located at South-West of Xiamen with a surface of 1.9 km2 and it's the main attraction for who comes to visit Xiamen. Xiamen government has build a ferry boat system that connect the small island with the arbor of the main city. Even if the trip takes just around 15 minuts, … Continue reading Gulangyu Island – Xiamen –

History of Modern China: The Republican Period 1911-1916

  In the previous paragraph we introduced the suddivision of modern Chinese history and the last century of the Qing dinasty characterized by the influence of foreign powers, the Japanese agressions and the political tumoils inside the country. This arcile will discuss the beginning of '900s and the Republican Period between 1911-1916.   The Domestic Stuation in the Qing State Around … Continue reading History of Modern China: The Republican Period 1911-1916

Chinese Translators After 1949 – Ji Chaozhu Biography

  Introduction: The dialogue with the United States in the East has never been easy for several reasons. The problems in mainland China did not emerged after WWII, but since the beginning of its relationships with the US. For the duration of the Twentieth century, except for the last three decades, the two political figures, have … Continue reading Chinese Translators After 1949 – Ji Chaozhu Biography

History of Modern China

In 2015 will be my nineth year in China, therefore a little review of the last century history in China seems mandatory to have a better understanding of today Chinese society and the direction the goverment is taking in the earlies 2000s. This segment will be divided in different parts in oder to make these … Continue reading History of Modern China