Tsukurukai – 新しい歴史教科書をつくる会

This article aims to offer an impartial vision to recent and old facts as a recap on open questions between China and Japan looking back to past events just impartially. After World War II there have been many tensions between People Republic of China and Japan. First we need to consider that what is world … Continue reading Tsukurukai – 新しい歴史教科書をつくる会

The Price of Corruption During the Global Financial Crisis – China Vs Italy

The interest on the topic of corruption arose when I was writing my Italian master’s thesis in 2010 “On the Role of Chinese Journalism in the Building of a Chinese Harmonious Society” . Analyzing every day the behavior of Chinese institutions through the newspaper offered me an opportunity to compare them with Italy. Thanks to … Continue reading The Price of Corruption During the Global Financial Crisis – China Vs Italy

Chinese Translators After 1949 – Ji Chaozhu Biography

  Introduction: The dialogue with the United States in the East has never been easy for several reasons. The problems in mainland China did not emerged after WWII, but since the beginning of its relationships with the US. For the duration of the Twentieth century, except for the last three decades, the two political figures, have … Continue reading Chinese Translators After 1949 – Ji Chaozhu Biography

Chinese Balance of Trade

The main topics that will be discuss in this article is related with the exchange rate, how it influences the foreign trade, and more in detail the Chinese foreign trade policies. To offer a more wide picture of the last decade elements such as inflation rates, the world oil price, the GDP growth, etc. have been analyzed (with a little focus in the 2008 crisis influence).

China building Harmonious Society

Building Harmonious Society Figure 1           Picture drew by Ping Yinchang (冯印澶), ‘Building of the Harmonious Society’, refelct fully the power and dinamicity of this project. The aim of this article is to offer a further explanation to the topic on the role of the ‘Chinese model of economic and political development’ discussed during the … Continue reading China building Harmonious Society

“Fiat Group Investment Strategy in China”

“Fiat Group Investment Strategy in China” 1.     Introduction During this course many questions and many answers have arisen around the investment strategies that foreign companies apply when they enter in the Chinese market. Thanks to the active participation of all the classmates we had a unique chance to understand one step closer to the Chinese … Continue reading “Fiat Group Investment Strategy in China”