Macau St. Paul Church

I visited the old center of Macau 3 times in the past years, and each time somehow it all began with a walk around St. Paul's church. It is not for us to known the time the project of St. Paul's Church (aka, Our Lady Mother of God, 大三巴牌坊) started or from whom was draw … Continue reading Macau St. Paul Church

Tsukurukai – 新しい歴史教科書をつくる会

This article aims to offer an impartial vision to recent and old facts as a recap on open questions between China and Japan looking back to past events just impartially. After World War II there have been many tensions between People Republic of China and Japan. First we need to consider that what is world … Continue reading Tsukurukai – 新しい歴史教科書をつくる会

History of Modern China: The Republican Period 1911-1916

  In the previous paragraph we introduced the suddivision of modern Chinese history and the last century of the Qing dinasty characterized by the influence of foreign powers, the Japanese agressions and the political tumoils inside the country. This arcile will discuss the beginning of '900s and the Republican Period between 1911-1916.   The Domestic Stuation in the Qing State Around … Continue reading History of Modern China: The Republican Period 1911-1916

Luxun Arbor 旅顺口区 Port Artur – Dalian- Liaoning

Luxun Arbor, in the past known as Port Artur, is a little sea-town located at 45 Km at North of Dalian. The little town has characteristic of a tipical plant structure Russian city with a touch of Japanese architecture. Surprisengly this is also the only town to have a modest history museum in whole Dalian … Continue reading Luxun Arbor 旅顺口区 Port Artur – Dalian- Liaoning

History of Modern China

In 2015 will be my nineth year in China, therefore a little review of the last century history in China seems mandatory to have a better understanding of today Chinese society and the direction the goverment is taking in the earlies 2000s. This segment will be divided in different parts in oder to make these … Continue reading History of Modern China

Fushimi-Inari-Jinja, Inari

We went in the company of three Taiwanese our friends at Fushimi-Inari-Jinja. Just take a shuttle bus to Kyoto station or a train, and that's in less than twenty minutes you get to Fushimi-Inari sanctuary. Despite being very famous entrance and 'free, in Japan almost nothing and' free, maybe, but just maybe, this is 'due … Continue reading Fushimi-Inari-Jinja, Inari