Bezeklik Caves, Xinjiang

I've been very excited to visit the ancient Buddhist caves of Bezeklik in 2015. Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves (柏孜克里千佛洞, Bǎi zī kè lǐ qiān fú dòng) are located in Xinjiang Autonomous Region (新疆维吾尔自治区, Xīnjiāng wéiwú'ěr zìzhìqū,شىنجاڭ ئۇيغۇر  ئاپتونوم رايونى ) to the north of the Taklamakan desert, around 50 kms East of Turpan (吐鲁番,Tǔlǔfān, تورپان) … Continue reading Bezeklik Caves, Xinjiang

The powerful Soviet Iron and Steel Heavy Industry – Liberation Armies Illustrated

Newspapers, magazines and any other political sources of the Revolutionary China in the 1950's were less politically interested on emphasizing the role of the political leaders and the achievements of the party, but instead they have a more practical and educational message for the population to build the socialist society. Very simply, this articles have a core … Continue reading The powerful Soviet Iron and Steel Heavy Industry – Liberation Armies Illustrated

Selected Artworks of the Workers of Inner Mongolia – 1976

  Rarely is possible to find a complete book dedicated to one etnic group. This collection comes from an old antiques market in Chengdu (Sichuan province, China).  "Selected Artworks of the Workers of Inner Mongolia" is a political and educational collection of artworks (similar to the propaganda posters) of different authors which aim was to … Continue reading Selected Artworks of the Workers of Inner Mongolia – 1976

Falcon Hunters of Xinjiang

During my last visit in Beijing I went to the antiques market in Pingjiayuan road. Between the old magazines I found an interesting copy of Mingzuhuabao (Minorities Magazine of November 1984. I always found in this old magazine more information about the social changes in the Chinese social structure than when I'm talking to his people. This … Continue reading Falcon Hunters of Xinjiang

Geda the Living Buddha

The reason why i'm attracted to Geda the Living Buddha story is because of a early trip in the Sichuan Tibetan's areas in 2007. At that time me and my brother we spent one night in a little tibetan village inside Huanglong natural reserve, where still there were some old wodden hoses. In one of the … Continue reading Geda the Living Buddha

Tianyige Library – Ningbo

Oldest Library of China, Tianyige (The Sky Pavillion), is one of the main attraction of Ningbo. Founded in 1951 by the ex-minister of war Fan Qin 范钦 (1506-1585) at the time of Ming Dinasty (1368-1644). Fan Qin ritired by the civil work he decided to open Tianyige library. Initially the library was named Dongming Cottage, … Continue reading Tianyige Library – Ningbo

Labrang Monastery

Labrang  monastery is one of the most interesting location in China. In Xiahe city, Amdo area, Gangsu province, has per centuries been the center of Tibetan Buddhism and one of the doors to China Muslims provinces. In 2008 has been location for some protests. Here the Chinese version of the facts from kind concession of … Continue reading Labrang Monastery

St Basil’s Cathedral & the Role of the Holy Fools in Russia

Located in the Eastern side of Red Square (Moscow, Russia) St. Basil's Cathedral is a great example of russian architecture during the 16th century. Composed by six chapels and one bell tower, it was designed by Postnik Yakolev in 1561 commisioned by Ivan the Terrible ( CHECK) to celebrate the succefsul victory over the Mongol … Continue reading St Basil’s Cathedral & the Role of the Holy Fools in Russia