Rtsi-nang-dgon-pa Jonang Monastery – Aba County

On the road from Rnga-ba to the direction of  Gcig-sgril-in-mgo-log, in the County of Aba near the village of Rgya-stod (甲尔多乡, Jia'erduo village) is Rtsi-nang-dgon-pa Monastery (full name as  rtsi nang dgon dpal me 'gyur NGES Don bde chen gling, Chinese name as 孜朗寺), a Jonang School Monastery officially founded in 1429. The Jonang School was widely believed to have been extinct after … Continue reading Rtsi-nang-dgon-pa Jonang Monastery – Aba County

Shuajinsi Work Unit – Aba County – Sichuan

During my last trip with my friend F. in the valleys of Aba County, we noticed a little wall with some propaganda murals belonging to the Revolutionary China of 1960's. On our way back to Chengdu, we managed to find a little time to visit the old work unit near Shuajingsi. Shuajingsi (刷经寺) is a small village located … Continue reading Shuajinsi Work Unit – Aba County – Sichuan

Dong Xiwen – Fine Arts Professor Who Described the Province of Aba

  Life and Carrer of Dong XiWen Born in 1914, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, Dong Xiwen (董希文, 1914-1973), was a Central Academy of Fine Arts professor in Beijing. In 1932 was admitted to the Department of Civil Engineering of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, Suzhou following year was admitted to the College of Fine Arts and in 1934 the College of Art … Continue reading Dong Xiwen – Fine Arts Professor Who Described the Province of Aba

Mongolian Wrestling – Nadaam 2007 in Xilamurenzhen

The Location In 2007 we went to Xilamurenzhen (Darhan Muminggan, Baotou) in Chinese Inner Mongolia to assist to the Nadaam Festival. The name Xilamuren comes from the Mongolian word for "Yellow River". Located at 100 km from Hohhot, capital of Chinese Inner Mongolia, Xilamuren is a typical plateau grassland which is covered by grass and flowers during the … Continue reading Mongolian Wrestling – Nadaam 2007 in Xilamurenzhen

Dza’godgonpa Tibetan Monastery – Sichuan

(At the end of this article a quick gallery) The Monastery   Perhaps funded in 1839 by Blo Bzang Mchog Grub Rgya Mtsho, the monastery is located near the today Ribu, at the north of Bar Khams. The Tibetan traditin of Dza'godgonpa monastery is the one of Jonangpa, which between his most important masters has … Continue reading Dza’godgonpa Tibetan Monastery – Sichuan

Geda the Living Buddha

The reason why i'm attracted to Geda the Living Buddha story is because of a early trip in the Sichuan Tibetan's areas in 2007. At that time me and my brother we spent one night in a little tibetan village inside Huanglong natural reserve, where still there were some old wodden hoses. In one of the … Continue reading Geda the Living Buddha


STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE – Ma Jian 亮出你的舌苔或空空荡荡 1987   Introduction Published first in 1987, Stick Out Your Tongue (CHINESE NAME) has been an example of Chinese literature explaining about the Tibetan culture, how nomadic life has changed while progress has been imported to the province. Also interesting the Chinese way of seen this communities … Continue reading STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE – Ma Jian

Labrang Monastery

Labrang  monastery is one of the most interesting location in China. In Xiahe city, Amdo area, Gangsu province, has per centuries been the center of Tibetan Buddhism and one of the doors to China Muslims provinces. In 2008 has been location for some protests. Here the Chinese version of the facts from kind concession of … Continue reading Labrang Monastery