Dandong- At the doors of North Korea

Since the Japanese invasion of Korea and eastern Russia the railways starting from Chinese Manchuria have been the main channels for the connection and commerce between the region. Get there From Shenyang train station, as for in the past, I'm taking the first train of 7:30 directed to Dandong city to reach the boarders between … Continue reading Dandong- At the doors of North Korea

History of Modern China

In 2015 will be my nineth year in China, therefore a little review of the last century history in China seems mandatory to have a better understanding of today Chinese society and the direction the goverment is taking in the earlies 2000s. This segment will be divided in different parts in oder to make these … Continue reading History of Modern China

The Music Lesson

The Music Lesson, A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music Amazing book by Victor Wooten. Key points: Fun! Visionary; Even if you don't see any single note in the book, it actually helps to improve your perception of doing music. Useful for work too. With my colleagues, as a leader, I started more and more to use … Continue reading The Music Lesson