The Rules of This Blog


(very easy)

– Are more than welcome to contact me:

Those were interested in publishing my material (photographs,reasoning, etc.).
Anyone interested in further information on the topics discussed in this blog;

-Philosophy and blog etiquette:

This space is dedicated to all those who wish to know the positive aspects of China and other Asian countries.  Offensive comments to foreign countries and peoples won’t be allowed.  Such kind of comments will be immediately deleted.

It is not my intention to discuss matters of political or cultural judgments, I will limit myself to bring up the statements from official sources in China and other Asian countries, which will always provide an explanation. Anyone interested in criticism or discussionyou will definitely find what they are looking elsewhere.

I hope you’ll find this web-space interesting and that can share with me your ideas & comments, and finally create an area of ​​positive debate.


I will continue to publish my photos, to write my impressions, and to tell all that I find interesting.

Some topic will be more serious and other more carefree.

Thank you.

Marco – 马 可

Ps. For any grammatical or typing error… Sorry for that, I always made ​​a lot of it!